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A New Addition to the Family

A few days ago, a very upbeat little chap was brought home. Yes, we don’t have enough dogs. Even a kennel never has enough dogs. Though now we seem to have become The Kennel. Now we each have a dog, so no more jealousy; though there is a tad of envy between the dogs as …

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May 4th

This year, Denmark celebrates 75 years of liberation from the Second World War. The German Capitulation was declared on the evening of the 4th of May 1945. Candles are lit yearly to commemorate this, gracing the windowsills of every Danish home. Flags are then raised on the 5th of May to celebrate the end of …

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The Art of Respect and Good Memories (In Isolation)

This is a tough one; particularly as things start to break down. But respecting The Space, The Person and The Me, allows the good vibe of (human) decency to settle and be absorbed. From self-respect to respecting another’s privacy, this is definitely worth struggling for. I want my children to get up, make their beds, …

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The Art of Keeping Busy (In Isolation)

Our family is in a rather strange situation. (Again). I normally prefer to work (painting) in isolation, and now here I am in the ideal position yet unable to even get the colours mixed. My studio sits empty, the dust layers mounting. Our children have internet home-schooling. Thank Whatever for that, as it keeps them …

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The Art of Contact (In Isolation)

Contact – Without the contact: It’s not that difficult in our age of technology. Pick up the phone, send a text, email, a good joke, a photograph of your day, especially to those who really are alone. As my mother-in-law always says: “There is always someone worse off than yourself.”  Me: Where? I live so …

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The Art of Humour (in Isolation)

We know the benefits. How it de-stresses the soul, strengthens the immune system, boosts mood and morale. Humour Helps Life. So, in Isolation humour is essential. My dream has always been to be part of a small group of close friends who laughed together on a daily basis, in some absurd job that would suit …

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The Art of LOVE (in Isolation)

Originally written by Ovid, Ars Amatoria, or The Art of Love, (click here for the FREE electronic book) is an elegy three-book series- a “how to” on how to find a partner, and keep him/her. If you cannot master so many pages without pictures: you can read the synopsis. It was written in 2 CE, …

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The Art of Isolation

Isolation sucks. I know. I have tested every possible kind. From hospital isolation as a baby, to detention in solitary at boarding school… From confinement during war, to the desolation of the African bush. I’ve also experienced big city solitude and the isolated remoteness on our farm in Jutland, Denmark. I am truly certified in …

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